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    Calendar sync problem

    Hi there,

    I got a HTC Butterfly 2 and an ASUS Fonepad, and I manage my calendar via web with PC, I updated few entries but they didn't show up on the HTC where the ASUS updated correctly, I re-sync and reboot the HTC without luck, tried different calendar apps the same result. On the other hand, I have an entry created via Google reminder (ics file), I couldn't edit the entry it won't save back changes, but I can edit on the HTC and the web updated automatically, I am very much confused with this any idea ?

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    First Go into settings and make sure that all the items for you account are set to sync. Just click the "sync now" button and then go into calendar, check your calendar settings and make sure all the calendars you have set up are checked to sync with your phone. No reboot your phone. Try this,

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