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    how can I root My Samsung Phone

    I have Samsung galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos
    how can I root it ?

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    Use z4root. It worked for my phone and its a simple operation.

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    You can use SRSRoot software to root your Galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos.

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    To EVERYONE who responded:

    Thank You for your input. I have successfully rooted this phone using Z4Root. Actually, it was quite simple/easy. I would recommend this program to anyone!!!
    Stay Sharp:

    P.S. Looked for but did not find where to/how to mark this thread "solved"?

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    CF-Auto Root is a free rooting tool that you can check out

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    Have every heard about One Click Root? Give a try to it ones, visit that website & do the needful to root your handset without any defect.

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    You can root your android phone on computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by eveeve View Post
    You can root your android phone on computer
    Thanks I will try it

    you can find me at any website talking about Android Apps

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    You can try the other reliable root tools like AnyRooter. it is very convenient to people who use it .
    Guide I found on the Google : How to root Sony devices , as i know , it also works for Samsung,Htc,Lg,Motorola, bb

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    I suggest you to take a look on YouTube and search with same keyword of your title. I am sure that you will get lot of methods with step by step procedure.

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    Use KingoRoot, it's easy and safe.

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    KingoRoot is very good, i use it
    android root

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