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    How to install and back up android apps on tablet?

    I inherited a Lenovo ideatab s6000 about a year ago, and have found it really hard to find anything worth doing with it. There are no open Wifi sites within range of my place, and so it's only when I'm travelling, that there's any point in using a web browser. And even then, the browers that came with it are almost unfunctional. For instance, I haven't found an option in Chrome to save anything online to flash memory for later reference, and even using gmail is horribly complicated and slow. So the only really useful function I've found for this thing is to read pdf files.

    But there's a fatal catch. The only pdf reader that came with this tablet is something called KINGSTON, which has no search function that I can find. In fact, it doesn't seem to have any function but page up page down, zoom, and bookmark. So I looked for something better, only to discover that almost every pdf app for android requires the user to give the app complete access to the tablet at all times. I found only one exception, which had the features I want, although not working very reliably, and I used that for several months until the night of the "red moon", the recent lunar eclipse. I'd used my tablet only the day before, it was well charged, and I took it outside (the temperature was mild) in order to have easy access to my camera's user manual when trying to photograph the red moon.

    The instant I turned the tablet on, the display filled with chinese characters, and locked up. I couldn't even shut it down, and it stayed that way for a couple of hours or more. When I was finally able to restart it, my downloaded/installed pdf reader was gone, and everything had returned to its default setting, as though the system had been reset.

    I only dimly remember how I found and installed that pdf app, but I believe I had to do it by connecting to the google apps via a USB connection though my PC, and that the installation was directly to the flash memory on the tablet, so I got no copy of the installation file. Is there a way to get around having to go through this whole procedure whenever a tablet resets by backing up the applications and configuration?

    The Lenovo's user manual is pretty useless. It mentions "downloads" but not how to get them, install them, back them up, or reinstall them.

    Any help in finding a decent pdf reader and/or browser for Android v 4.2.2, installing, and backing it up, would be most welcome.

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    Thanks for your nice sharing. I wonder whether the pdf reader offers free pdf conversion service. Any suggetsion will appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evanpan View Post
    Thanks for your nice sharing. I wonder whether the pdf reader offers free pdf conversion service. Any suggetsion will appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    If it does have this feature, I haven't discovered it. It's somewhat ironic, I think, that a pdf reader application should not come with at least a user manual in pdf format. But from what I've seen so far of Android apps, they come without documentation.

    One new problem I've discovered with the PDF Reader (I've since been able to download it again, using the Google Play app, and also found the app for saving it to a flash card) is that there's no obvious way to stop a search.

    Evidently, the target audience doesn't read any large documents. I started a search on such a document on my Lenovo tablet, and watching the pages crawl by, quickly concluded that it would tie up the tablet for a very long time, possibly an hour, if it didn't crash. IIRC, I finally had to exit the program with the home icon. Not very elegant.

    I also downloaded a multi-language dictionary app which was praised as being much better than the google-translate one, and which demands much less control over the tablet. But I soon found that this dictionary is only a gateway to an online dictionary, which is no use to me, since I'm normally not within reach of a Wifi connection.

    So now I'm searching for a Offline Android dictionary. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I need English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese, although not necessarily in that order.

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    Thanks for your nice sharing. I will check it later. Thanks so much.

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    These solutions sound a bit extreme, thanks for sharing

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