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    [APP] Creativity

    Hello, here is my new app to have brilliant ideas using creativity techniques.

    Are included the following techniques: Brainstorming, Six Thinking Hats, Exquisite Corpse, Write text, Random words, Forced relationships, Attributes and improvements, Questions and Answers, Transformation and SCAMPER.

    Very useful to point all kinds of ideas, to create new, working on innovation and try to be more creative. You can share files with other devices to another person to write other ideas.

    Currently those ten techniques but will be expanded, and with more features, I'll see what acceptance has, but I'll take everything I've learned to develop from scratch

    Any suggestions, rates or problems that help to improve the app will be welcomed, thank you very much.

    Free version:
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    I just also upload the free version with some limitations.


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    That is really amazing app, thanks for sharing. and yeah i do agree, always have LEO privacy guard for phone safety

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