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    Rooting "Hipstreet Titan2" cheap tablet

    I was recently given a "hipstreet Titan 2" model number HS-7DTB39, and can find hardly any info on rooting it on the net. There was one forum that referenced a different model, but it was vague and not well written.

    This one is running 4.4.2 with a 3.0.36+ kernel. Is it even worth rooting it? My Nexus 7 and my LG Optimus L90 were very easy to root, if this one requires much work, I'll likely give it away to a friend as it is slow.

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    Thanks for all the info! I have decided to give the tablet to a friend, so it can be their problem.

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    One of my friend has this tablet, i will tell him for this root method

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