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    Video playback: no ac3 sound - but only over internet

    I know that there's problems & solutions for ac3 audio playback on android, however this one is a little different: all videos (and their ac3 audio tracks) in question play just fine locally (i.e. when i copythem to the phone first) but without sound when streaming over the network.
    this also seems to be completely independent of the media player used.

    I have a collection of video in different compressed formats on my home server, and i want to access them from my phone.
    So far, i have been using sftp for this (several file managers support this, esp. ES File Manager), but either the sftp protocol or ES file manager aren't suitable for streaming, there's too much stuttering and freezing. This is not a bandwidth issue!

    Partial solution & new problem:
    I use a dedicated media server (ampache) on my home server, and a dedicated client (DSub) on my Acer E700 (aka E39), stock android, rooted, firewalled.
    I noticed a problem with video that uses AC3 sound encoding - The video plays fine (even hi-res), i just don't hear any sound.
    And it happens only when i stream the video through the network (http?) (*) - the file plays just fine when i copy it to the phone, or use sftp via ES file manager, or download the file through my media server.

    I tried this with all media players i have:

    stock android video player
    ES media player
    MX player (with or without custom codec - it says, when playing files through the media server, that HW+ or SW decoding is not supported, however when i play the same video locally there's no such limitation.

    I also tried all video streaming settings inside DSub:

    HTTP Live Stream (HLS) (this did not work at all)
    Direct transcode (requires video -> mp4 or similar setup on server)
    Flash plugin (did not work, i guess i don't have the flash plugin)

    and the result is always the same: all video plays fine, but video with ac3 sound has no sound.
    unfortunately most hdtv videos use h264/ac3...

    here's a list of codec combinations and resolutions that don't play sound:

    h264/ac3 1280x720
    avi/ac3 704x396
    avi/ac3 640x368

    here's a list of codec combinations and resolutions that do play sound:

    quicktime/mp4 848x448
    quicktime/mp4 1280x720
    quicktime/mp4 716x404
    avi/mp3 640x360

    I can only come to the conclusion that android treats different codecs differently when streamed through the network. How can I solve this?

    (*) i also copied one of the affected files to the public html section and tried to open it through my phone's browser, and the result is the same: no sound with ac3.
    i did notice that one of the "good" files opened right inside the browser, whereas the "bad" file asked to open with a media player.

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