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    How to get to a shell screen under android 4.4.2 on a tablet?

    Also desirable is the way to perform certain operations with root level, like using an app (skykat) to repartiton an sdcard with the tablet itself.

    Note: The tablet recognize that I have inserted an sdcard but cannot read the contents nor write anything on it. It was formatted with an iBook G4 running OS X 10.5.8 as a bootable disk, think there's a tiny linux ISO and relates files.

    Thanks in advance for any hint on the above!

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    erm, android should have its own terminal app, but maybe they're hiding it in the menu.
    in any case, you can install it from here.

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    Thanks for replying, ondoho!

    I read at the F-Droid's site that it's based on code that's already contained in android. Doesn't this mean that Term (the shell) is already present in recent versions?

    Thanks in advance for anything extra on this issue!

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