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    How to transfer contacts from Windows phone to android?

    I received an Samsung Galaxy S6 from my parent and planning to replace my old windows phone with S6. Now i need to transfer the contacts from Windows phone to Android. I am not quite familiar with Android, is there any simple way that can quickly transfer 300+ contacts to the new Android phone?

    I tried Outlook but it didnít work.

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    t's pretty easy, because your Android phone will sync to Google Contacts.

    Sync your Windows Mobile phone to your computer (outlook, outlook express, whatever you normally sync to)

    Export your contacts from there to a CSV. ( Go To file menu on the top left in the out look, click on Import and Export, click on Export file to, Click Next, click on Comma Separated Values (Windows), click on Next, click on Contacts, click on Browse Select drive and Folder Where you want to save file, click on Next.) You are DONE

    Use Google Contacts to import the CSV

    Wait a couple minutes. All of your contacts will show up on your Android phone soon!

    If the method above doesn't work with your, you can try Phone Transfer program to transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android phone.

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    Unfortunately, i didn’t have a Google account. so I can’t use the method you suggested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttechuss View Post
    Unfortunately, i didn’t have a Google account. so I can’t use the method you suggested.
    OK, if yo have don't have Google account, maybe the only way you can try is third party application like Phone transfer from androidphonesoft, it can transfer windows phone to Android without any data loss, but it's not free, if you found freeware, please don't forgot to share us.

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    You have to create Google account to use Samsung Galaxy S6, then only you can access the play store of the device. so create one account to export the contact data to CSV file.

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    You need a Google account to use the S6. Register for one now, and sync your Windows phone to Google. When you set up the S6 it will automagically sync everything from your Google account. There should be apps for Windows Phone that allow syncing to Google, they even exist for iPhones.

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    To transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android, you can follow the steps below: Sync contacts from Windows phone to Microsoft account > Export contacts from Microsoft account to computer > Import contacts from computer to Gmail account > Sync Gmail contacts to Android.

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    As I know, there are two ways we can use to transfer contacts from Windows phone to android. One is using Google account, the other is using mobile phone transfer program. Mobile Phone Transfer program allows us directly transfer contacts between Windows phone to Android on computer via USB Cable. It's easy and safe. We just need to connect two phones to computer via USB Cables.

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