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    What's the functionality of the square window that appears when swiping down at the top-right corner of the main screen?

    I know already the obvious ones, but have 2 questions:

    1) the purpose and capabilities of the first tile (button) there --Owner;

    2) the last 'empty' space there, is it for inserting an app's icon?

    Have some issues with this cheap tablet & decided to start hierarchically with them, right from the start. Thanks for any kind help with the above

    Edit: Since this tablet isn't mine I think that when I first started it it questioned me about a few things, probably about the owner which I left blank. I needed to get acquainted with it before instructing my sister about using it and she had no internet access at her apartment by then. She now has acquired an access point...
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    Which phone your are using? can you share any image file of the square window.

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    Thanks for replying, nilofar_iqbar! If you re-read my post you'll probably find a couple of references to a tablet, not a phone.

    Note: This's the second time I'm trying to reply here; in the first trial I was at the basic replying scheme and decided to go advance mode for inserting an attachment... I lost the already inserted text. Now, I'm trying to insert the attachment (screenshot) and I'm taken to a page that states that whaI'm trying to do is not available at the mobile platform even though I've requested the desktop version of the webpage. So, I'm posting what's already written so far and, immediately, try to post the attachment for fear of loosing this text again! BTW, I've seeing this self-hiding note at the lower-right corner of the writing window: "Auto save" in yellow: how can I use this feature in the future for recuperating the text?
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