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    a question about SD-card "funny names" on folders

    I have a micro-SD card with several folders of content that I place there from my laptop. For example, I have MP3 files from a language training course.
    When I load this media into my Note-8 tablet, I get several folders with "funny names." For example, µCIM, µNDROID, µOWNLOAD, ... that seem to be variants of standard android folders. There are a few others that are variants of app folders from the tablet internal storage.

    Can someone tell me where these come from?

    I understand many of the issues about using external SD-media cards under 'droid 4x and later.

    My device is a Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet running Android v4.4.2. Sadly, Samsung does not offer an update to a newer edition of Android.

    I've contacted Samsung support and there were not able to shed any light on this behavior. Of course, they pointed at a phantom SD-card issue. I'm running some experiments to see if I can discover more about what is happening. As a long time developer and computer user, I am appalled with the lack of details about this sort of topic.

    Thanks in advance,
    ~~~ 0;-Dan

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    Which SD card you are using? it is sounds like SD card issue. Try any other card if you have, then check does the folder name comes again with different name.

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