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    google nexus 4 does not show up as usb device (not even dmesg) but charging ok.

    Got myself a google LG Nexus 4.
    Connecting via USB - 2 different cables, 2 computers, 3 different operating systems (archlinux, debian, windows vista ) - i get nothing (*).

    the phone does not acknowledge that it is connected to a computer, but it charges ok.
    the computers do not recognize the phone in any way, not even in dmesg (or device manager in windows).

    i have tried changing options inside the phone (debugging on/off, mtp/ptp...), even a full factory reset, and going into recovery and wiping cache/dalvik cache. - nothing.

    wiggling the cable and such does not help.
    i even replaced the usb connector, no change whatsoever.
    so something tells me that it is not a hardware problem.

    the phone has been upgraded to android 5.0 (before i became the owner).
    my endless searches show that nobody knows what's going on, it might be hardware fatigue, it might be related to the upgrade to 5.x, it might be a firmware problem...

    any helpful pointers, including downgrading & softbricking the system would be helpful (i just want to install ubuntu phone onto it).

    (*) my other android phone connects ok with both cables, to all machines and operating systems.

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    Might work for you too. On my phone I have to manually select what the USB connecting is going to be used for when I connect my 6P to my computer. By default it only connect as as charging.

    By swipping down on my phone I get a menu and in that menu there is an item called "USB for chanrging" I click that and now I can choose what I want to use the USB connection for.

    See if you have the same menu as I read some time ago that Google was going this way by default.

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