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    FULLY root phone?

    Hey All:

    Ahm, I having such a difficult time with this phone. All I need to do is upgrade the O.S from Froyo 2.2 to Kk4.4 and it's turned into nothing short of a nightmare. Someone asked if I'd rooted the phone and I responded "Yes, with z4Root", to which his reply was "OK, not FULLY rooted"(???). What does one have to do to have the phone 'fully" rooted and why wouldn't z4Root have done that? And, while I'm here....once again, I'll ask "Does anyone know anything about this phone and what I must do in order to upgrade the O.S? Please note: this is a Samsung AnyCall GalaxyS 1 model SHW-M110S running Froyo 2.2 and rooted (well at least I think it is)? This has been such an ongoing endeavor and I don't believe it can/has-to-be this difficult an operation.

    Pulling My Hair Out:


    It was explained to me like this: In order to be fully rooted, you must have a 'recovery" program installed OK, any comments?
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