I've been trying to find this: SpeedMod Froyo [K13C HPCall VoodooSnd4 SharpnessFix STABLE] for well over 2 hours now. I realize it's a rather 'dated" kernel but really, it can't be this hard to find? I often get
SpeedMod Froyo [K13C HPCall VoodooSnd7 SharpnessFix STABLE]. Notice VoodooSnd7 instead of 4. Now, I'm guessing that is just a 'version" upgrade, but I don't know if it's still the same (compatible) program. IF anyone reads this and knows what I'm describing, could you, PLEASE, respond. All I need to know is if the "7" will work the same as the "4" version. Oh, and if you know of a good place to D/l it, (not XDA!!!) I'd appreciate that link.