I've been given a surplus PC-on-a-stick for free. It has low specs (RK3066 dualcore, 1GB of RAM, Mali something-or-other GPU), but manages a solid (and quite impressive for its obsolescence) 42.5 FPS at 1280x720 on Epic Citadel set to high quality.

I'm looking for three game types specifically, and t's fairly important that they be either console ports or Android exclusives - I'm specifically looking to experiment with Android, and if a game's available for the PC I might as well play it there instead (but I have no consoles so console ports are OK).

  • First and foremost, completely mindless action games. A good example is Super Stardust on the Playstation - no plot, no cutscenes, nothing but a whole lot of shooting and explosions. 3D required - I've already got an enormous amount of 2D shooters on Windows and MAME.
  • I'd also like something at the other end of the spectrum, with a good plot and deep gameplay - I've had particular trouble finding these for portable systems as it seems casual gaming reigns supreme on those. Most genres welcome, but no JPRGs.
  • And thirdly, adventures. I've found plenty so far, but they all seem to also be available on the PC. No comedy - I like my adventurizin' dark and gritty. Cyberpunk preferred but I'll take anything.

As this is a device with no touchscreen, I have to be able to control the games with the mouse and/or keyboard; I can do some mouse tapping, but games that want to be controlled with complex gestures and such are right out.