Being a part-time online trader and a full time business man on the move, I have always been worried about losing my phone or my information falling into the wrong hands. Not only do I have to keep my information secure, but I also need access to my online trading accounts at a momentís notice.

While I have been pretty happy with the conventional security that a 4-digit pin code offers (some phones use lock patterns), there have been times where I lost a good opportunity to make a killing on the commodities market because I was unable to access my accounts fast enough due to the security lock and pin code. I recently read that a person unlocks his devices 110 times a day, I probably unlock my phone at least twice than the average.

Recently, I saw a Le 1s advertisement on Flipkart and I learnt that it had fingerprint scanning technology and I saw this as an answer to my prayers. From the little I understand and some quick google reference, I found out that fingerprint identification technology in phones had the answers to all my security concerns. Since no two finger prints are same, the automated authentication biometric of Le 1s allows just its rightful owner to access the phone. Since identification is based on the fingerprint scanner, it also removes the need to remember a password there by providing an accurate and reliable way to unlock the phone.

One interesting feature of Le 1s is that the sensor comes with a 6H hardness anti-scratch mirror that allows the finger print to be read without any issues.

As I tried to unlock my phone, I found the sensor enables both flash recognition and identification accuracy immediately and effectively as promised and it eliminates the need for PIN codes or patterns to be memorised.

Now with quick access to my online trading and banking accounts, I can truly say that I have all information at my fingertips.