Hi a while ago I bought an Android MK 809 II 4.4 Mini PC Hdmi stick with the idea to watch amazon films, google play films and netflix on one device. When I connected it up it wouldn't connect to my mobile phones 4g wifi network which is what I use for my internet at home (all my other stuff works on it, desktop, ouya etc) I managed to get a partial refund of the company on ebay and they said I could keep it. They said they thought the bug was due to the particular version of android installed on the device. Is it possible to install another version of android on the device to fix this? can anyone direct me to a good set of instructions and a place where I can purchase for download another version of android (or any other os) that will help me sort this out and can anyone recommend a set of instructions of how to do it properly? Many thanks. Alistair.