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    Are tools available to allow Samsung phones to be upgraded under Linux?

    Samsung Kies (aside from Kies Air, which is a browser-based variant on the phone, but won't allow firmware updates) does not work at all and won't install under any variant of WINE I have thrown it at. I seriously need to be able to upgrade my phone to Jelly Bean. It currently has Gingerbread, but I'm unhappy (very much so) that it looks like I'll have to root the phone just to get to the Android version the most modern version of my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) has on it! TMobile has confirmed that the phone is capable of (and they have an image available for) Jelly Bean, but they refuse to send me the OTA link for some oddball reason.

    It doesn't surprise me that Samsung hasn't released a toolset that works in Linux, because 99% of developers of Windows software don't do so. It saddens me, but doesn't surprise me.

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