Hello all, I am trying to find a solution to the idiotic "sign in to wifi" prompt you sometimes get when connecting to free hotspots like at fast food places, etc. I remember there was some way of doing this on my laptop, but do not know how to on my android devices.
I know it's an issue with some troll sysadmin setting up this "feature" (hassle), as I can't replicate it using an open AP on my own network, it just connects like it is supposed to.
Both of my primary devices are rooted, a Nexus 7 tablet running 4.4.2 and a Samsung Grand Prime running 5.x.

I'm guessing there is some script/addon/etc that can fool the AP/network into thinking you have jumped through their dumb hoops, or maybe just a way to bypass it, I have had no luck finding it.

NOTE: I am not asking about how to break into a secured network, but how to bypass something that shouldn't exist on open networks. Really, I just want to prove it can be done, and do it because I hate these types of systems.