I ordered the Chinese radio from China for this car. I'm an American living in Baltimore. I have a few questions about it that the car forums aren't as helpful on as they could be.

Here it is.

How do I get a more up to date version of Droid on it? Will this have a provision for daylight savings time? Will a newer version make the Internet more responsive? The hotspot feature works, but is slower than dial up, almost useless.

The bluetooth for phone and for sound via bluetooth to a phone works great, but how do I get an image to show up on the radio screen instead of the phone screen?

It has a GPS card slot. Where and how do I get GPS maps to put on it so I can use the feature?

Can a newer version of android install from a USB stick or does it need to be on a micro SD card?

Generally, the radio seems to work well. The 2012 does NOT have the chassis wiring for setting up a reverse camera. If you try, the camera will fit under the lense but there is nothing to plug it into the radio.

The instructions will help you get it installed and barely able to get it up and running, but are no where complete in describing the full capacity of the radio.

In case anyone is wondering, it was from ebay for $300.