I am having trouble syncing my Android phone with banshee.

I have successfully imported all my music and playlists to banshee. When I connect my phone it shows in both Nemo and banshee as "KIW-L24" (the model number). I changed this to "Honor X5" in banshee device properties and that sticks. Sometime there are multiple copies shown in banshee and I have to close banshee disconnect and restart. I can get it running where just one copy is shown.

I have tried encoding to both MP3 and "Free lostless audio codec" (default) in banshee device properties with no change in results.

It this point I have tried a few things. First I can manually copy files using Nemo to the phone and play them on the phone. That works. Banshee shows the sync menu and sync button for my phone. I tried "sync using playlist ..." and I have tried dragging a playlist to the device in banshee. In both cases banshee gets busy doing something and gives me a progress bar showing the music being copied (maybe 60 songs). At the end gives me an error for 2 songs. I have done this with a couple of playlists. But at this point there is no music shown on the device in banshee, Nemo, or the phone.

"Mass Storage Media Support" is on in Banshee preferences. I turn off Apple support as suggested in other posts online

Android properties from Nemo show as follows. file system mptfs, volume mpt, location (blank), permissions "could not be determined"

Side note: I would like to get this working properly, but am willing to sync using a bash script as well. If anyone has written a simple bash script to copy music based on playlist data, that is welcome. My goal is to copy multiple playlists to the phone so the playlist file would need to be copied/converted as well.

OS Linux Mint 17
Banshee 2.6.2
Honor X5 phone model KIW-L24 with EMUI 3.1 on Android 5.1.1