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    need a rom that requires no home or volume keys

    Hi all,

    The grandson has a Proscan PLT 7777G-Q which has no volume or home keys it only has a power button and it is locked up in the recover from SD card mode -- I have searched the Proscan site and all firmware requires volume keys to recover.If there is a way to force a mod or firmware to load with out this the information would be appreciated ... also I have tried to access the tablet on my PC but cant get it to recognise it .

    Thanks in advance ---------------------------------------- Dave

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    The "recover from SD card mode" might be because actually the volume/home buttons are physically broken, and not absent from manufacture. If the buttons are damaged, that actually would have been my second suggestion; to short-circuit the appropriate button switches.

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    This tablet only came with a physical power button and the reset button -- all other functions are handled through the touch screen ... which has me upset with Proscan because all software they provide requires volume keys to install and they make two tablets that do not have them

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