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    Help me to Teach Myself Andriod Development


    I have an idea for an android app. It needs to be able to do things like manipulate the screen, take screen input, use the WiFi and 3/4G communications links and use the its not a simple thing. Unfortunately, I am! I've downloaded and installed Java and Android Studio and I can do some basic things but most of the tutorials are "monkey see, monkey do" teaching me WHAT to do rather than WHY/HOW I do them.

    I'd like a book to walk me through the development. I'm reasonably computer literate (I'm a professional freelance network architect, specializing in Wireless and security) so its not a massive step, I just haven't found the right material yet

    Any suggestions for such a book/website/whatever?



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    Hai Jim it is possible to learn Android app development easily. There are lot of Android Stuff in the Internet or Try Online Training For Android

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