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    New options: handset, speakerphone, videophone.

    I'm new to Android and smartphones in general. Don't much like them, and Android seems clumsy and limited. After looking at available options, I found myself wanting three operation modes:

    1. Handset mode: front camera off, mic gain/noise processed to eliminate all background sounds and only transmit near-mic voice, speaker volume reduced for close listening.

    2. Speakerphone mode: front camera off, mic gain/noise and speaker normal.

    3. Videophone mode: as for speakerphone mode but with front camera on.

    This leads to three questions:

    1. Does any mobile phone OS offer similar options?

    2. Can they be simulated on Android, preferably in such a way as to allow easy switching between them?

    3. Does Android welcome such suggestions/requests for new features?

    Thanks for any replies.
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