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    [CM13][Zenfone 2] ALSA instead of tinyALSA

    Hey guys

    At work we're developing an app which requires an x86 based processor to function properly. But we also need to use ALSA instead of tinyALSA related to various startup scripts required for that application. We digged through the mixer settings of tinyALSA and came to the conclusion that it's not suitable for our app.

    Currently I'm using the CyanogenMod 13 source code with ALSA lib and ALSA utils packages from Android x86 project. The build process is all fine and the binaries are usable inside an ADB shell but I'm not really able to use aplay for recording or playback of audio files.
    Right now I'm stuck with the following error:
    aplay: pcm_write:1684: write error: I/O error
    I used "alsa_aplay /sdcard/Front_Center.wav -D hw:0,5 " to test the audio playback.

    Any suggestions on how to get audio capabilities working with true ALSA?

    By the way: Our Zenfone 2 uses an Intel Atom Z3560 processor. The previous model was a Motorola Razr i with an Intel Atom Z2480.

    I should add that "alsa_aplay -L" responds with "null" in ADB.
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