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    help: lost recovery

    My android won't boot into recovery mode
    It used to work before but since I installed ROM manager I lost my phone's recovery.
    I can boot into normal android OS
    I also can't reboot
    The reboot system does not work
    I have to turn off and on again

    Phone: be elite AW880
    Android: 4.0.1 ICS

    Thank you
    I appreciate your advice.

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    Don't worry, generally speaking, the deleted data were still saved on your phone, you can use an app to detect them on computer before they were covered by new data.
    how to restore sms

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    You can also use Android Recovery Mac software to recover files saved in the internal memory ,SD Card and SIM card including contacts ,messages,videos,photos,songs,documents. Moreover, this software can support all devices running Android operating systems. So this is actually an all-in-one data recovery tool for all Android devices.

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    In the case that you can't enter recovery mode after installing the ROM manager, you might need to factory reset your phone to flash the firmware. Or try to reinstall the public stock ROM to resolve this problem. This problem mostly happened when you forget to wipe your data or cathe partition during flashing. As for recover lost data from Android, you can try some data recovery tool to help you out, which will be the best method for you if you have no backup available.

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