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    Tablets, which Brands are worth investigating/consideration?

    I've never owned a Tablet so have little/no experience with them. I have considered Asus and Motorola but it would be nice if someone here that really knows, to give me some pointers on good ones to consider.

    I would like to keep it to around $200.00 or so, but that might not be appropriate in purchasing a good one, I really don't know.

    Can a forum member help? i would like it to have a USB slot, extended SD card slot, Wi Fi and whatever else you think one should have.

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    Most have sdcard slots (check specs) good screens/video and facilitate OTG cables in the usb port for usb keys. All have WiFi. Brand name tablets have better build quality and prices as a rule. Few update the OS with any regularity. Google is an exception with it's Nexus but that has usb drive issues. If you buy cheap treat it very gently. I had a Chinese dual OS tablet & didn't go for the idea at all - then it fell apart; USB port plug wore out, and everything used started to wear, then something internal went.

    You pay for decent CPU, GPU, & Storage. It's largely pay your money & take your choice

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