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    Replacing Android

    Ok I know almost nothing about mobiles, so I'm trying to find out - now Google, until PROVEN otherwise (that is to say, Android) is spying on me! So I would like to use something else. I've heard of things like "rooting" and "Cyanogen Mod", I don't know what they are exactly - but can I get rid of Android and replace it with this? And what guarantee is there that THAT won't spy on me? I obviously need to run Android apps - is there some way to run the SAME app, which is *trying* to spy on me (say, by reading my phonebook, or listening to my conversations on a VOIP program), without *letting* it spy on me? i.e this "replacement" OS, must let the program *run*, thinking it's got access to whatever data, but only without actually letting it. And the "permissions" thing it gives you when you DOWNLOAD from the Play Store is NOT enough. Obviously. Is this kinda stuff possible? What do I have to do?

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    I don't mean to insult you but you need to google "Cyanogen Mod"+ the modle number of your phone
    there lots of versions lots of tweeks depending on your exact device you will need to install a flash boot first
    it's best to have a micro sdcard to flash from and depending on your device not posable with out one or you may be able to ther your phone {google phone tethering}
    lots of Tutorials out there on how to do what you want

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