Hi there,

This is not an Android unique problem but more or less related to Bluetooth, since most cell phone are running Android these days so I guess I can get an answer here.

I used mainly HTC phone and many different BT sets, all of them supports A2DP for music streaming, I specially selected few models that support multipoint for easy switching between devices, such as Jabra and Plantronics, but my problem started long before Android. When I was still using Nokia feature phones most of my BT sets can stream the ringtone, but I completely missed this feature when I switched to Android. At first I thought it was the OS limitation, but recently I bought a Nakamichi Elite X1 and my ears stunned by something I missed for so long it sounds so beautiful ! it isn't a very expensive set but it does streaming very well, I don't know what is missing in other sets prevented the streaming, even I changed phone now a LG G5, I still can't get ringtone with other BT sets but the X1, so obviously the limitation is on the BT itself, but I can't find any detail about ringtone streaming, what BT profile is required to do this ?