Hi there,

I am using the LG G5 and everything worked fine until I installed a screen protector. It was a full screen glass protector by 'FEMA' of China, it is very strong and clear, I don't see any problem at first, but I find the always on display feature disabled soon after, the standby screen turn off immediately after turned on, and the finger print sensor also not responding some times. First I thought it was a s/w fault after system update, this is not uncommon with Android device so I reset the phone, and restart the phone in safemode but still it has the same problem, it doesn't seem like h/w fault to me so I keep digging the s/w and configuration part, after a while something pop up on my mind, it could be the protector misaligned and blocked the proximity sensor, so I removed the protector and really the problem has gone !! I checked the protector and found the cause of the problem, there is no opening except the speaker grill, there is no protection sheet on the screen I forgot to remove, it was someone forgot to drill holes on it !! so when purchasing protector from China please be aware of this !!