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    Post Android Application Crashing Issue

    Hi, Being a learner. I am here to participate just like other Mobile Development Blogs to enhance my knowledge regarding Android Programming & I would like to know that "my code sample below crash the application? How would we can modify the code to avoid this problem?", which has become difficult to debug. I hope any tech developer help me in resolving this issue

    Intent sendIntent = new Intent();
    sendIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, textMessage);
    sendIntent.setType(HTTP.PLAIN_TEXT_TYPE); // "text/plain" MIME type

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    You need to follow these simple steps and prevent your phone by Crashing Issue.
    1) Space on your mobile phones
    2) Clear app data
    3) Uninstall unused apps
    4) Try to use one network

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    1. Keep some internal space on your mobile phone
    2. Clear cache
    3. Clear the app related data
    4. Use good network..

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