I recently purchased the G5, it worked so far so good, but the calendar suddenly messed up, some of the event disappeared I don't know why. I recreated the events, but then on my PC (Web) I got duplicated entry ! then I created a test event on the PC and it sync to the phone no problem, also worked the other way around but still missing some events on the G5. I then clear the phone calendar but still can't sync back the missing events, only newly added event will be sync, I've another ASUS tablet connected with the same a/c without problem. I then removed all the problematic events on the PC and recreated them, then they got sync to the G5 no problem ! I can't figure out why this happened, anyone got an idea about that ? also, I can't find the 'calendar storage' on the G5, I can only clear the calendar so something might still stuck in there causing this.