Hi there, Whatsapp is one of the mostly used IM chats app in the world, I used it a lot to chat with my friends and exchange photos etc., but there are some serious privacy issues with it and never get "fixed". My first concern is unable to prevent to be added to a group, there are times I am being added to a group I have no interested in, I know I can exit the group but this would be rude, I would rather ignore the invitations. Blocking the admin is also useless, coz I will not know who will be adding me next time ! muting the group doesn't fix either, I want to get back control !

The other issue is the calling feature, many people asked for it and loved to use it, but I don't want it ! because I don't always have wifi access, I can only use 3G most of the time, the reception in my work place is marginal, so my WS call keep breaking up, but there is no way to disable it, I tried those "fixed" on the internet even install 3rd party apps but none of them worked, I can only mute the ring but people keep calling me !

The above issues should be fixed to give back control to the users, but WS doesn't seem to listen, or intentionally keep them stay, comments ?