Hi guys,

Other posts regarding this topic: Not sure if this is a post that has been posted before - tried search.

I am not sure if this has been posted before - and I am not sure what "search" criteria will bring up an answer - as I believe I have a unique problem that isn't easily described.

Trying: I am trying to temporarily create a video on an SD card that has more space

I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas about recording temporarily to another SD card.

Problem: Temporarily swapping SD cards may cause "Issues" - don't want that.

I have an SD card installed on my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. However, it does not have a lot of space. I wanted to record a long video, for which I have another 64GB SD Card - which I would be willing to exchange with the current card - however, I am a bit worried that the apps will see the card and try looking for the stuff they stored there - which won't be there, and then when I switch back I'll have problems.

Previous Experience: A previous attempt at moving all the data over to a bigger card caused untold headaches with the media files not getting recognized after the transfer etc...

I once tried changing the SD card from my 32 GB card to a 64 GB card. I was using linux which caused all kinds of problems as the filesystem wasn't as seemlessly recognizeable as I thought it would be. Once the files were copied from one card to the next, then I had issues with the gallery not being able to decipher a number of the media files. OUCH!

Asking: Does anyone have a solution?

I have a card that is unused that I can temporarily use, however, the above issues are unwelcome. If there are other ways to solve this issue - let me know - I am open to ideas.