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    Custom ROMs and apps on them

    ..OK, so I'm unclear about the whole thing - can Linux be installed on a smartphone, and WHY would one want to do that in the first place - I mean, Android IS a Linux, right?

    Anyway - so Cyanogen Mod is ONE of these Linuxen, am I right? So - *if* I manage to put it on my phone, 1 way or the other - can I then install any normal Android app and have it run?? ANYTHING??

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    Just think about this: Which Linux for what CPU? Phones and tablets have different CPUs from PCs. How to access to the different I/O ports and the different addresses of them? How to arrange the touch screen, the SIM card for phoning and so on. You would have to develop and compile for that devices. There was ones an Ubuntu for Smartphones project as I know, but I guess the project died. Get information in the net.

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