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    Chromebook Ivew 4 incher tablet i386 Android netbook installs

    Samsung S7 Edge Android 7 You won Virus when opening browser

    Just my observations and what I did when I caught the "You won xxxxxxxx" Window in google chrome when opening the browser. The one that takes over the whole window and keeps you from getting into google preferences/settings to maybe do something about removing it..

    I researched 1st with my Linux laptop computer to see if there was a easy fix.

    You can try the link above. I decided it was better if I just did a reinstall. Personal preferences and all on my part.

    I use a micro 64 gig sdxx card in the sim slot to backup my contacts, music, movies, documents, comic books, and any other files I see fit. I do not run any apps off of my micro sdxx card though. Those run off the internal drive.

    After I got everything to how I wished it to be. I found a little glitch with "airdroid" . I have a account that my Linux computers use to share files on my phone.
    For whatever reason unknown to me. "Airdroid " after I installed it on my phone. Would not accept my login name and password on the phone. I could login just fine on my linux computers though with the same password.

    Just for those reading this. My error was "10001" < I think? minus or add a zero. >

    So I just used

    with my charging usb cord as a tether to transfer files for a few days. As the phone login problem made no sense to me.

    3 or 4 days later . My phone login was accepted by "airdroid" . Almost felt like a forum permission to join type of wait. Because I did nothing to phone. Change any settings. To get a a accepted login.
    Just magic or something.

    I thought just to share my experience with you so in case you run into this. You can see what I went through and how I handled it.

    Happy Trails, Rok
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