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    FM tuner --offline, local stations

    Been through many apps from "google play store"...none of which do what they least the ones I've tried.I want an app that will access local FM(and AM if possible) radio stations. Do not want app to use "data" nor wifi. In other words, looking for app/program that uses the phone as a 'radio". I've been told that if the phone has bluetooth, then it is FM capable(?)I may have to 'activate" the FM chip...I don't know?So, any help with this issue would be appreciated.[Coolpad Arise 5560S--Kk 4.4.2] Citing technological reports and/or manufactures publications would be a plus...yet, first-hand experience is usually the best!!!

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    Why is the text of the post not to see, the advertisements all yes ?

    Now the text of the post is to see. I did some profile settings, but I do not know, which.

    What I could find the last weeks about this is following.
    There is hardware needed, as for DVB-T2 or DAB (digital audio broadcasting).
    There exist a few mobile-phones with this hardware included.
    A micro-USB hardware about 40.- Euro can be bought at electronic shops, for DVB-T2 and FM or DAB, this is in Germany.
    Included the antenna.
    Some even still sell DVB-T, which cannot work for DVB-T2 and do even say, it does not work for DVB-T2, but is not to use for anything else. very strange.

    BlueTooth, not BlueTooth but WLAN:
    I am not sure, whether remembering correctly, but TV or DVB-T2-Receiver with WLAN and with FM receiving, it can be sent to the phone via WLAN.
    But what for ?

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    TO: visionhelp

    OK...well thanx for responding. I'm not exactly sure of what your trying to tell me. I think your saying the phone must have a DAB chip installed? Or are you saying I can obtain the chip? I was told if the phone had Bluetooth(it does) than it had an FM chip already installed...which makes sense, but I'm not sure that the bluetooth chip and the FM chip employ the receiver for a wider band of frequency...which FM requires? Actually, I'm about to give up on this phone. It's a bottom line Chinese model and I may be expecting too much of it.
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    Now the text of the first post not to see again, after and in spite of logged in.

    To 69Rixter,

    older phones had the hardware to receive FM over antenna. There headsets was, or are, useable as antenna.
    Not the hardware for DigitalVideoBroadcast-Terristric (DVB-T), before ANALOG.
    Now DVB-T2.

    I looked for me in a german electronic (online) shop, or, I do not remember, for micro-USB-DVB-T2 with FM, found (one 1 think) with DAB, too, for mobil-phone. About 40 Euro.

    Whether this chip in there is called DVB-T2 or AND FM or AND DAB-Chip, this for ME is not a question.
    And I do not have to ask or to know, what You want with the chip alone.

    Bluetooth has, from my understatement, nothing to do with a receiver hardware for TV or radio.
    Older and newer phones, all have Bluetooth.

    As example for micro usb device:
    (This is for DVB-T only, which does not work for DVB-T2 ! )

    Look in Your country Google "micro usb fm" or "micro usb DAB".
    But DAB, as I understand, no radio-station uses this, they still use FM.

    Or use an older mobile-phone, which had the FM-tuner with in.

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