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    a REAL FREE FAX app needs to be done


    I started to develop at the intro of this theme, but I cannot continue, because of saved a part, and now this is waiting for the OK of the forum.
    So I cannot edit until then.

    So I begin it here again.

    Real free I mean, no 3rd party FAX-service needed.
    No extra anything needed of your mobil-phone provider for the function of FAX.

    - emulating the usual needed FAX communication protocol,
    - put a pic (of camera) of a document to the FAX-format, TIFF ?,
    - check if the receiving FAX-device is colorable or offer to convert to black and white and send again.

    - for to receive a FAX no extra FAX-number is needed, when Android (perhaps better the FAX-app itself) checks, if the call is from a FAX-device or a phone.

    anything missing ? I am sure, yes. I will continue.

    - with a friendīs FAX-device, received and sended FAXs (for paper-copy) can be printed very easily, without the need of connecting the mobile-phone to a printer, just phone my FAXs to his FAX-device.
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