Hi there,

I got a Note 3 N9006, it is made for the Chinese market, I got it for free but it has some problem. When I turn it on it only show a side bar and the top bar, the rest are all black. When I go to the settings by slide down the top bar it shows a black screen, none of the settings can be seen I can't check the version and change wifi etc., I believe the phone has been hacked or inflected with virus, so I try to reset it. Since I can not get to the setting menu I can only use the power on keys combination, and I successfully get to the factory testing page which is in chinese, I can do some system testing there, and I find a eMMC format option and I did that, nothing changed the phone still boot up blank. I tried another keys combination and get to the Android service menu, I can do factory reset from there, but still nothing changed after that. I then find some info about flashing this phone on the internet, just before I follow I find there is something strange with it, the instruction shows the phone with a micro USB socket but my one is USB 3 !! both phones are labelled as N9006 should be the same thing, I don't know how many versions in this model, what I want to do is to flash it with a standard Android or custom ROM so that I can get back all features, and remove all limitation applied by the chinese manufacturer/carrier, any comment ?