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    What brings your app an absolute approval on the app store?

    In an era where hundreds of apps are submitted to the app store on a weekly basis and thousands of apps loose and gain their shelf life on a daily basis, taking care of several elements that are vitally important for developing the worth of any given app is of utmost importance. In 2017, preferences have been changed a bit but the majority of important elements still remain the same and are widely adopted by the iOS app development community across the world.

    According to the majority of industry experts and app providers with considerable app approval success rate on the app store suggest that it all starts with the basic app information thatís provided within the app. Next to app information other related elements such as the app title, app description and app promotional content are also important to note. A professional team of iOS app developers in California shared some of their recent project highlights where they focused on the advertisement aspect as well.

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    1. Perfect Design

    2. Legal Content.

    That's it.

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