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    Information needed on how to repair a Galaxy S4 with a black screen

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to Android Questions and I am glad to be here. I am also new to phone repair (given that I am a computer geek and not a phone person)...

    Here is what happened: The other day, my Galaxy S4 took a beating and the screen is cracked. Thankfully, when I try to power it on, everything lights up and it is instantly recognized by my Linux Laptop being fully functional when I plug it in with my MicroUSB cable. The main issue is that everything works and powers on, but the screen no longer works. Because everything works except the screen, is this just a simple matter of replacing the screen or the entire logic board? Whatever the case, what are your suggestions and feedback and what items will I require?

    Thank you all in advance!



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    My s4 got the same problem. I just throw it in the garbage and buy new one.

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