I've had a Nexus 6 on Verizon, have really enjoyed the phone, but things seem to be degenerating. The phone itself still works OK, but there security is a real problem for me now.

I bought the Nexus 6 with the hope of quick updates, but Verizon has just stopped as of the April update. No security patches since then.

I'm going to download and install 7.1.x from Google, but that seems to be the August update, not September, so I'm not sure that the Blueborne mitigation is in it. I also don't relish the thought of doing a complete backup and re-install every month for security updates.

Apple seems to be able to update without bowing to the carriers, I wish Google had taken a hard line and negotiated this capability.

Do people have a better experience with other phones? Is there a better way? I'm not looking forward to replacing this phone, but even Google is not planning on updates after October if I recall correctly.

Any ideas?