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    Transfer Data from Android to New iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

    When you have switched from Android to iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, you have to make sure all of your data makes the move with you. MobileTrans transfers all contacts, messages, call logs, photos, etc. between your Android phone and iPhone 8 / 8 Plus directly.

    Support all Android smartphones from Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE, HTC, Kyocera, BLU and more.

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    After using a new iPhone 8/8 Plus phone, you should learn the way to copy data from Android phone to iPhone.

    When you know how to do this thing, you can save a lot time on moving various files between two devices.

    Just read the guides: how to copy files from Android to iPhone.

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    To transfer files from Android to iPhone 8, it is not difficult.
    If you want to transfer a lot of files like thousands of photos and videos, it is necessary to use a effective mobile transfer tool.
    Then it can help you move much files in a fast time, and it is dafe enough for you to try.

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