Hi Forum!

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that I was gifted by my sister I'm having various minor issues with. Its been upgraded to Android 5.0.1. While some of them are long standing, I admit that one these problems are my own fault....I had a minor argument with a friend who wanted me to install Skype or Whatsapp on my phone. After looking at what those apps wanted to access on my phone (everything!) I realised just how much info could be pulled by apps on my phone, so I went thought and uninstalled/disabled pretty much every app I could.

The issue that is my fault is-

My phone will no longer let me use the custom notification message tone (which worked fine before I went disabling everything).

The other issue that I'm thinking should be fixable is-

I am unable to backup my contacts to SIM, the menu key doesnt exist on the contacts page at all.

Lastly I think this one might not be fixable but its been annoying me since day one-

Colour scheme on contacts/messages/general 'phone' screen (the one that has keypad, logs, faviourites and contacts) is is totally revolting!

Hopefully someone might be able to suggest a fix to one or more of these problems.