I rooted my yotaphone2 running android 4.4 to get at some data that I needed.
( my cryptocurrency wallet stopped working and I needed to access /data to get to my private keys )
I used Kingoroot ( maybe that was a mistake ) but I am now down to internet and txt messaging on my phone.
I cannot access any apps.
There is no home screen.
The phone also overheats after about 5mins, all sorts of adware is running in Firefox.
I still have not yet been able to access the data I need, and am now hampered by the reduced functionality that I have.
I know that I will need to do a factory reset soon, but I want to give it one more try to get my data out, ( OK I have about $300 in crypto on it which I would like to cash in, I could use the money )

I know this is a bit of a challenge, but does anybody have an idea as to how I might get my homescreen and access to my apps back ?