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    Question When does an Android device connect to Google to backup?

    Clearly everyone's phone or tablet doesn't connect to Google at the same time to backup, that would be chaos if all the devices in the world connected at the same time............but clearly a connection occurs, but it seems to be nebulous and a mystery to everyone I have asked. I am just a bit perturbed by the lack of replies from Google itself or ANY forum I have asked the it really that HARD or doesn't anyone really know or better yet don't they care? Difficult to believe I am the only person in the world who has asked the question....

    Why can't anyone definitively answer this: " When do backups occur, every hour or day or month or ?????" ... there are some backups in Drive from my other devices that are from 2017 that will expire in 53 days. What happens then? Do those backups disappear, are they replaced by new backups?

    The silence is deafening.......

    Hard to fathom that everyone using Drive simply assumes it will work, but can't explain 'how'.


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