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    Question Android/Google backup seems to be a mystery that no one can answer including Google!

    My tablet says " Your device isn't backed up better be safe than sorry" ... there WAS a button to tap on to START BACKUP.

    Tapping the button made the tablet go to SETTINGS and that's all it did, now that button is gone from the screen! All the settings were correct anyway.......

    I let the tablet ON for over 24 hours and in Google Drive or Gmail I still have no backup at all from that device. In fact the last backup for that tablet was from 2015 not 2017, I purposely deleted it hoping it would force a new backup to be created, it didn't.

    Why can't anyone definitively answer this: " When do backups occur, every hour or day or month or?????" ... yet there are some in Drive that are from 2017 that will expire in 53 days. What happens to them? Deleted causing a replacement to be made?

    If the device is backing as they say it should, why did the only backup have a date of 2015 on it? I make PC backups ever weekend, I'd never rely on one 2 years old.

    I've called Google on 2 occasions and even they don't have an answer, if the people who made it don't know WHO does? the tablet mfgr. told me to call Google, they said " we aren't allowed to tell you how to fix it!" Yeah

    Must I hard reset it to force it to make a backup?


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