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    How to Restore Gallery Photos from Android

    When we manage the gallery, deleting photos by mistake happens sometimes, which is truly annoying; Sometimes, naughty children would also mistakenly remove some precious pictures from our gallery when playing phones; And many other things maybe lead to gallery photos being deleted.
    For deleted photos from gallery, they will not be gone immediately from phone memory. Indeed, they will still stay there until your new data or files take up its storage space, or calling overwriting. So the prerequisite to recovering deleted photos from the gallery is they are not overwritten. Or you never get them back. So our professional advice always is as soon as you delete gallery pictures wrongly, donít operate phone anymore, but take the steps in the following.
    Obviously, just with the phone, it is impossible to retrieve deleted gallery photos. We need draw support from some professional mobile data recovery software. In this post, we introduce some solutions to help you.
    Solution1:Use your backup to recover gallery photos.
    Solution2: Use Fonedog android data recovery to restore gallery photos with following steps.
    Step1: Download and Run the program.
    Step2: Select type of photo files to scan.
    Step3: Preview and Recover gallery photos from Android.
    More Info you can read: How to Restore Gallery Photos from Android

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    Android photo recovery software is coming here for you to restore deleted gallery photos on your Android phone.

    Just few clicks, you can get back these photos in a simple way, and you don't lose the important photos on your phone.

    Here is the simple guide: how to recover deleted pictures from Android.

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    There are many ways to recover deleted photos from an Android phone, a powerful Android data recovery program is supported.

    You can open the software on computer, and link the phone with computer to restore deleted photos on this phone.

    Learn more: how to recover deleted photos from Android phone.
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    If you lose or delete photos from your Android phone, you need to use data recovery for Android phone to scan your phone and SD card deeply to find the deleted gallery photos for you. You can preview them before recovering. Learn how to recover deleted photos from Android phone here: https://www.bestandroiddatarecovery....s-android.html

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