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    How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to PC?

    If you are saving a lot of contacts on the Samsung galaxy phone, and don't know

    how to transfer these data from your phone to computer, you can use the Samsung backup

    tool to help you, then you can quickly know how to transfer contacts from Samsung galaxy to PC/computer.

    With Samsung backup tool, you don't need to worry about data secure problem, and transfer your files in an efficient way.

    And this tool supports many phone, like Samsung all serious phone, including galaxy, note...

    How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to PC?
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    Thanks for the nice guide of how to transfer contacts from Samsung phone to computer.
    It is really useful when you save a lot of contacts on the phone, and you need to transfer contacts on PC.

    How to transfer contacts from Samsung galaxy to computer.


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    Without a third-party program, we can't access contacts on Samsung Galaxy phone, to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to pc, the easy way is using Samsung data manager tool. With its help, we can easily do the contacts transfer from Samsung Galaxy to computer.

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    Have you ever lost contacts from your Samsung phone? As many users have complained that they lost contacts from their Samsung device, you may also get into this trouble future. As a matter of fact, we may lose contacts in many situations, which is totally a tragedy. So as to get rid of suffering from losing contacts, I suggest you to keep a backup file on PC.

    However, things are not always what you think they are going to be. In fact, you have no access to contacts on the internal memory of your phone, that is to say, you can't directly transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer. But there is always a way out. I'd like to recommend you this Samsung Contacts Backup, which can help you completely export contacts from Samsung Galaxy to PC.


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    I think you can use Android Transfer program. It can connect your phone and transfer files to PC easily. You can transfer messages, photos, videos, contacts, music and other files from Samsung Galaxy phone to PC. Learn how to transfer contacts from Samsung to PC.

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    Undoubtedly, once you've found something important have been taken away by the malicious virus, you will be driven mad, especially when the contacts list are disappeared without backup. Needless to say too much, we all know the importance of the contact list on your phone, so, to prevent the huge disaster caused by the accidental contact information lost, the best choice is to transfer contacts from your Samsung Galaxy phone to computer for backup. But the problem here is how to reach it? As is known to all that contacts are always stored in the phone's internal flash card and the SIM card, and due to the limitation of SIM card, almost all contacts info are saved in the phone's internal flash card, and it is forbidden to access on the computer via a simple USB cable. Therefore, if you wish to backup Samsung Galaxy contacts to PC or Mac, you'd better to find a tool like MobiKin Samsung Contacts Transfer or Samsung Contacts Transfer for Mac as your daily assistant.

    This program will let you export and save contacts info like phone number, name, etc. from Samsung Galaxy Note or S series to desktop computer as CSV format, so that you can view, add/delete or edit the number on the computer without any limitation. What's more, the program can works well as a Samsung Contacts Manager tool, which allows you to directly control the Samsung contacts list via the desktop PC, such as add a new number into your phone, delete any unnecessary contact, and so on.

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