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    Post How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to OnePlus 5?

    In recent years, although apple iPhone remained almost 6 iPhone appearance, but the product design is still a reference object of other manufacturers, OnePlus recently officially released a new generation of OnePlus 5 mobile phone, but the body shell design almost completely copied from iPhone Plus 7.

    5 body design look OnePlus, whether it is matte black shell, double camera, microphone, LED and mark the position, curved edge design, are basically with the iPhone 7 Plus screen size, as like as two peas, even the resolution and support P3 and iPhone 7 Plus color gamut is the same, at first glance it looks like the OnePlus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus is almost certainly twins, because OnePlus is launched, of course there were signs.

    If you planning to buy a new OnePlus 5 to replace the old Galaxy phone, and wanting to sync all your data like contacts, photos, messages, music and more between the phones, to transfer photos from Samsung to OnePlus 5, then you can miss the Phone Transfer.

    Phone Transfer to help move data between Android and other devices without any quality loss. With its help, you can easily transfer contents including contacts, music, photos, videos, apps, and more. So, you can easily transfer anything you like from any Galaxy phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by using this tool.

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    Here is a tool which can hlep they out of trouble of data transfer. It is Phone Transfer, the most professional expert in data transfer.

    Transfer Data Contacts from Android to OnePlus 5

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