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    Linux geek question (about ssh, mainly)


    I'm a geek and linux administrator, so I use ssh (and scp and ftp and telnet and...) from the command line quite a lot. I have my old Samsung S3 mini flashed with cyanogenmod 10.2. That came with a terminal and comman-line ssh binary which was quite handy at work a couple of times.
    Now the phone ist replaced by a new one. Rooted it, installed terminal and busybox. But there's no ssh binary. I did read, so I know there is ConnectBot, but that seems to be a standalone (i.e. non-CLI) program very similar rather to PuTTY than to my linux CLI ssh binary.
    Where can I get that binary like provided by cyanogenmod from? (And maybe even scp and ftp ...) My searches on playstore didn't turn up what geeky stuff I want.

    Thanks a lot in advance for bearing with me and my oddities. ;-)

    Edit: Found Termux - sounds like fun and seems to have what I want. - Anything else?
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